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Tow dolly, complete with ramps and straps, in 4 boxes $1,495.00 $1,195.00 $130.00
Trailer frame kit, boxed $195.00 $175.00 $55.00
3' Ramp $58.00   TBD
3' Ramp Reinforced $76.00   TBD
Ramp mounting bolt,2 washers, lock washer and nut $2.50   TBD
Removable ramp catch bolt and lock nut $1.00   TBD
Axle assembly with hub, left or right $265.00   TBD
Central control member $140.00   TBD
Fender, left or right $40.00   TBD
Light, Left (Stop,turn, tail, license) with washer, lock washer and nut $9.00   TBD
Light, Right (Stop,turn, tail) with washer, lock washer and nut $9.00   TBD
Ratchet with hook $20.00   TBD
Side-arm $49.00   TBD
Tilt pin with clip $6.00   TBD
Tire & wheel 10" rated 1105 Lb $88.00   TBD
Tire & wheel 10" rated 1330 Lb $99.00   TBD
Tongue with coupler $79.00   TBD
Wheel strap $33.00   TBD
Wiring harness-complete $49.00   TBD
4' Hitch Safety chain with 2 hooks $19.00   TBD
Hitch Safety chain mounting bolt $2.00   TBD
6' Towed vehicle safety chain $16.00   TBD
Lap link $2.00   TBD
Rapid Links $2.00   TBD
Side-arm and tilting 5/8x5" zinc bolt $2.00   TBD
UTOW and WARNING labels $0.00   TBD
Spare tire mounting kit $16.00   TBD

Prices are subject to change without notice


Q. How can you deliver a better tow dolly AND a trailer kit for less than what others charge for the tow dolly alone?

A. The primary reason UTow is able to offer breakthrough pricing is the elegant simplicity of our patented
PARALLAXISÔ design. Since there is no need for a heavy "wagon-like" turntable or other complicated turning mechanisms, UTow dollies are light, modular and easier to handle, assemble, use and store -- at very unexpected prices.


Dealers, please contact Sales for 2+ quantity discounts. Sell the only tow dolly/trailer that belongs in every garage and beats the competion hands down.




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